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Here are just some of the words people have shared with us after our kick off dance...

We had a BLAST!  Thank you so much for putting that together.  I know it was a ton of work and you did a fabulous job!!  Give yourself a huge pat on the back.  It looked like everyone had a great time.  Kim and Jerry

Karen, you and Katy did a great job. It was a wonderful event. I will be back again. Thank you for your dedication to good west coast swing dancing. Had a great time last night danced so much my feet hurt. That hasn't happened in a long time. Thank you for a GREAT time. Looking forward to the 23rd." Ka Ren

"Thank you Karen and Katy for doing such a wonderful Job!"  Jason Miklic

SO SORRY I missed it! Look for me on the 23rd! Glad it was such a success! Darlene

Had an AMAZING night dancing in Columbus with some FANTASTIC dancers!!!! Both Kickin and BlissS Dance LLC were represented by Alvin, Michelle, Tracy, and myself - and we had a BLAST!!! Took a great WCS workshop taught by Jason Miklic, got in a couple of Two Steps and Night Clubs with Troy, and most importantly - Made new friends!!! Stevie Jo

Nice floor! Doug

Karen & Katie, wonderful kick off dance party. It was fun and I will be back. Thank you for a Saturday evening dance!  Gloria

I had a great time at both the workshops and the dance!  Laura

"Great dance, had a wonderful time. Music was really good.  Can hardly wait for the next time I can come."  Deb

I am thrilled with your new dance venue. I like the big floor. I have enjoyed the music. and Itruly liked Doug. He did a good job breaking down that move. You & katie are doing great. So so many good dancers last nite. Kept my head spinning watching all their moves.  Gloria

I had a great time. Cool lesson and lots of great dancers from several states.  Doug N.

To everyone who didn't make it to the dance last night....you missed a fun time!!    Doug M.

WE HAD A BLAST!!!!! Thank you all so much!!!! Just loved the party!!!!  Lori Rousar

Enjoyed the dance last night!! Hope we can come back soon.  Michelle

"Yes, it was exceptional!!!!! Dan and I had a great time. I'm so happy that Swing Dance Revolution is such a success "  Kathleen

Saturday July 7........ the best dance yet. The level of dancing was amazing !!!!  Harry

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